Monday, July 09, 2007

Anderson Township Pub

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Anderson Township Pub
6694 Clough Pike (Anderson Township)

In hopes of meeting Marty Brennaman, Bucky and Freddie ventured to the far-east side to the Anderson Township Pub. Known to the locals as the ATP since 1982, it was voted as the best sports bar and best burger by City’s Best in 2004. So hey, it must be worth the trip – plus several readers have recommended the ATP!

The ATP has a neighborhood-tavern feel. It’s dark, but nice and comfortable, yet not vast. The numerous TVs and primarily local sports memorabilia on the walls provide a sports feel, but not gaudy by any means. Seating is available at a variety of settings from booths, low tables for four, high table for two, or at the bar.

The menu, proclaiming the ATP the best burgers in town, includes four different half-pound lean burgers, a 10 oz. burger composed of two 5 oz. patties, and three versions for those desiring the lighter side. All are served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo (on the side), pub fries, and a kosher dill spear.

Bucky and Freddie order the Telegraph Burger (the original ATP burger). The half-pound patties were unquestionably fresh, hand made, and grilled to order. Yes – differentiating medium and medium well was easy! Supported by Servati buns, the char-grilled flavor anchors the taste. Although no seasonings were added, Freddie still smiled.

Tasters beware: the ATP serves thick burgers, which is great news for some, but not for everyone.

Points: 7.5
Rating: A Step Up

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Oakley on Notice?

We received an interesting e-mail from a loyal reader and fellow burger enthusiast. On a trip to the top-rated Oakley Pub & Grill, he noted a stale bun, poor service, and a mediocre burger. We trust this source, so we ask you to let us know about your recent experiences at the Oakley Pub by commenting on this post.

FYI: The reader is involved the the Burger Witness Protection Program.