Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Win Place or Show

Review 37 @ Stop 41
Win Place or Show
9933 Cincinnati-Columbus Rd (West Chester)

From many moons ago, travelers along Rt. 42 north of Sharonville recall Tommy’s, a bar and grill known for it’s rustic bar, dark backroom, and good burgers. Today, as the Win Place or Show Sports Bar (WPS), the rustic bar still exists, but the backroom has been transformed into a large, bright sports bar with high ceilings, light pine walls supporting neon signs, over 45 TVs, video games, and space for entertainment.

The surprisingly large menu offers several burgers made with 100% ground chuck directly from Luigi’s Market. Although normally price at $6.95, the Burger Guys visited on a Monday, thus were able to take advantage of the Monday special: the cheeseburger platter ($5.50). For those on the prowl for burger specials, take note as Sunday’s Burger Madness serves up a burger with unlimited toppings for $3.00.

Served with shredded lettuce, mayo, tomato, and onion and on a regular, but toasted bun, the patties were definitely handmade as one was much thinner than the others. Although no one could detect any gristle nor any added seasonings, the meat was flavorless and the toppings dominant the taste.

A nice place? Absolutely. Worth the visit? Yes again. A sure bet for a good burger? Nothing memorable with this burger.

Points: 4.5
Rating: Average

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