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Review 30 @ Stop 9/38
3516 Edwards Road (Hyde Park)

Located just off Hyde Park Square, Arthur’s provides a pub-like atmosphere where friends meet to eat, talk, and drink a few beers. The dining area clearly shows that Arthur’s is more than a bar or tavern. It’s a comfortable place that has a hearty lunch crowd (especially on the weekends) and a fun place in the evening.

As evident by their 2006 Best Burger in Town by CitySearch, Arthur’s is a longtime local favorite. Bucky and Freddie visited Arthur’s in the past, but Freddie raised some questions after a more recent luncheon with Mrs. Freddie. So, the duo elicited Wolfy’s help to uncover the identity of the real Arthur’s burger.

The Arthur’s Burger ($6.25 and served with fries) is one of six burgers on a menu offering 13 different toppings. Interestingly and to Wolfy’s delight, management clearly states on the menu their willingness to serve a rare burger, and yes, a CYA statement regarding the health department also clearly appears. Others desiring the moo-factor in their burgers appreciate this news.

Each burger arrived on their split-top bun. Interesting bun – not too thick, not dominating, but Freddie is still contemplating the square bottom. The juicy patties were obviously handmade as each had different diameter and thickness.

While Wolfy raves about the high quality, 90% lean meat which, “melts in your mouth,” Bucky’s burger is slipping in his bun – a no-no for the cantankerous one. All agree that no seasonings are added. Meanwhile, Freddie is wondering about the difference in past Arthur’s burgers, thus raising a quality control issue.

Make no bones about it; Arthur’s is a fun place offering interesting burger. Besides, Sunday through Tuesday is Burger Madness at Arthur’s as patrons can order unlimited topping for their custom burgers ($6.00) with one catch – the extra toppings must fit within the sandwich.

Although not overtaken by Arthur’s pleasant ambiance, Bucky’s score was three points lower Wolfy’s who still raves about it. Meanwhile, Freddie is still pondering the square-bottom bun and potential consistency issues. As the trio has learned, so much depends on who is at the grill that day.

Points: 6.5
Rating: A Step Up

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