Monday, January 22, 2007

Price Hill Chili

Review 27 @ Stop 34
Price Hill Chili
4920 Glenway (Price Hill)

Certain establishments as Montgomery Inn, Camp Washington Chili, Graeter’s, Izzy’s, and others are local institutions. So the burger trio ventured to the West Side to visit another local institution, Price Hill Chili. Besides, one of our adventurous readers found this place to be a pleasant surprise.

Since 1961, Price Hill Chili has been a longstanding eatery for not only the Men of Elder, but for many Westsiders. Well-known for their stacked double-decker sandwiches, this family-oriented place offers a wide menu for many hours of the day.

True to tradition, the place was busy. Upon entering one notices the narrow room with a counter and barstools and immediately thinks, “Is this it?” Keep moving brings one to discover a maze of rooms complete with a lounge at one end of the building.

Although the menu offered a surprisingly large number of selections, eyes fixed on the hamburger. The $3.40 price is for a burger with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and onions. Bumping up to the platter ($6.90) brings forth two sides from list of choices.

The quarter-to-a-third pound patty was medium thickness, moist, with a unique flavor that served as a discussion point at the table. The others agree with Freddie’s point that no seasoning is added. Wolfy then suggests that the flavor is from the grill. Not so much a char-grilled flavor, but a grill that is used with other dishes. This caused Bucky to smile as he recollects the burgers served with pads of melted butter in his native Wisconsin.

The Kaiser bun was large, toasted, and fluffy causing bun-oriented Bucky to smile once again. On the other hand, the patty’s diameter was slightly smaller than the bun (but noticeable) and the bun was a bit large for the patty’s thickness. But knowing Price Hill Chili’s reputation for double deckers, the bun could be best suited for the menu’s double-decker burger.

Those who have a mantra of "no roads lead to the Westside" should rest assured that it’s easy to get to Price Hill Chili. Given its local institution status, everyone should visit. If you find some thick burgers to be too much, try the Price Hill Chili hamburger. For those desiring a thick burger, get the double.

Both interesting and a rarity, each Burger Guy had a different score: 4, 5, 6. We’ll leave it to the readers to match the scores to the individual.

Points: 5.0
Rating: Average

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