Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Works

Review 28 @ Stop 34
The Works
20 Grear Millitzer Lane (Loveland)

The Works is a place that makes people wonder how they found it because signage isn’t bountiful and it’s tucked away off the main drag. The Works and its parking is located behind Paxton’s Grill.

For those familiar with the Little Miami Bike Trail in Loveland, The Works is within a historic 1905 building that once served as a water filling station for steam locomotives. The building also served as a fire station and a public works facility. Noted by its brick walls, high ceilings, and large garage doors that open on nice days, The Works features a brick oven to fire its burgers, pizzas, and other menu items as chicken and pasta.

The Works Burger ($6.99) is served with shredded lettuce, tomato, 4 small pickles, onion, and mayonnaise plus a side order of fries. As an interesting touch and one the Burger Guys haven’t seen, the menu states that fruit or veggies may be substituted for fries.

The Kaiser buns were perfectly toasted, light tasting, but hardy in stature as the medium-sized handmade patty fit perfectly on the bun. Although the meat was good quality and lacked gristle, the most noteworthy positive was the char-grilled taste that was strong enough to bring a smile to both Freddie and Wolfy. Although they noticed no added seasonings, the both wondered if The Works consistently delivered the char-grilled taste. On the other hand, the guys ordered the burgers as medium and medium rare, both were closer to medium well, thus lacked any pink; although Wolfy did have some juice dripping onto his plate.

So there were Freddie and Wolfy, sitting in a historic, yet comfortable setting, with a burger driven by the char-grilled taste, but unsure about the other qualities. In the end, both smiled and would be willing to return. Those desiring a burger along the bike trail need to stop by. Just so his fans know, Bucky went fishing.

Points: 7.0
Rating: A-Step-Up

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