Monday, December 11, 2006

Pilot Inn

Review 24 @ Stop 2
Pilot Inn
3921 Edwards Rd (near Rookwood)

Found in the shadows of the ever-popular Rookwood shopping district, the Pilot Inn is a longstanding, neighborhood bar. Nothing fancy here. It’s a dark, narrow room with a long wooden bar area flanked by small tables with white, plastic outdoor chairs. You know … the stackable ones.

How did the Burger Guys discover this place? First of all, Freddie’s co-worker told him the Pilot Inn had the biggest burgers in town. They later discovered that a mutual friend used to frequently eat lunch and have an iced tea (believe that?) there on his daily rounds during his postal worker days.

Well then, the Pilot Inn is complete with a jukebox, video golf, neon bar lights, a few TVs in the corner, a posted list of daily specials, plus plenty of neighborhood bar flavor – therefore it can be smoky. (Visited before Election Day, November 2006)

The hamburger deluxe ($4.00) is a half pounder served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayonnaise with a side order of chips and a generous amount of sliced pickles. The hands forming the patty spread the meat over a larger area, thus its medium thickness.

Cooked to order? No.
Anything special about the bun? No.
The biggest burger in the city? No.
Seasoning? No.

Nothing special, but the Pilot Inn serves a nice basic burger in a classic, neighborhood bar.

Points: 3.5
Rating: Average

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