Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oakley Pub & Grill: Revisited

Review 38 @ Stop 49
Oakley Pub and Grill
3924 Isabella (Just off Oakley Square)

The Oakley Pub and Grill has a varied history with the Cincinnati Burger Guys. The initial visit earned Honor Roll status. (Click for the review). After a change in ownership, we received e-mails telling us how much the burgers and their quality had changed. On day for lunch Freddie decided to check it out for himself, and then reported to the others significant differences from the past – which then prompted another post removing the Oakley Pub & Grill from the Honor Roll depending further review. Thank you NFL for the phrase.

Not too long ago, the Burger Guys returned to the scene for an official quality check. The similar menu offers 8 half pound, Black Angus burgers complete with lettuce, mayo, pickles, and onions, plus served with fries or slaw. They also still offer Burger Mania Wednesdays – that’s 5 toppings for $5.50.

Wolfy ordered medium rare, and was pleased. Freddie went with the medium – right on. Bucky ventured with medium, but later wished he would have ordered medium well. So the Oakley cook-to-order was on that day.

The Burger ($5.95), their traditional, is not for the person with a small appetite. These half pounders are fresh, hand-made patties. As a matter of fact, they are solid – strong – stay together. On the other hand, Black Angus burgers are leaner, thus not quite as juicy.

Initially, Wolfy and Freddie were jumping for joy after detecting flavor in the meat. Upon a closer examination, it was “from the grill” flavor. The Kaiser-shaped egg bun is slightly toasted, although on this day, Freddie wasn’t pleased with the bun. “It’s ok, but not as good as it looks.”

On this day, the Oakley Pub & Grill provided a burger that was closer to the original than to the one Freddie had on his quality check. To the outstanding level warranting a Burger Guy certificate? We say not. To the horrible level from some of our readers? Definitely not so. Worth a try? Yes.

Points: 6.5
Rating: A Step Up


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