Friday, August 24, 2007

Mike Fink's

Review 35 @ Stop 40
Mike Fink’s
At the foot of the Suspension Bridge (Covington)

While at a luncheon during last year’s Tall Stacks, an impressive-looking burger a few tables away caught Freddie’s eye and noting a future return trip would be in order. Knowing the reputation of this restaurant, Freddie knew Bucky could relax and not worry about cleanliness. Given the view and excellent service one expects at Mike Fink’s, the burger duo wondered if they could deliver a burger to their liking.

The first surprise: The burger is reasonably priced - $6.50 with fries or chips and a pickle spear! Although that’s not a bargain, the Burger Guys have seen higher. Honestly, the price is very much inline with others – especially with fries included.

Second surprise: The menu has six different black angus burgers!

Not surprising: The view, exceptional service, and nice touches as both catsup and mayo on the side and a toasted Kaiser-shaped bun. Lettuce, tomato, and onion accompany the well-presented treat.

The result: The patties were about one-third pound, with a char-grilled flavor, but without any extra seasonings added. The burger duo could not distinguish between medium and medium well. Hand-formed patties? Unsure. Frozen? Possible. Sorry to say, it didn’t match Freddie’s previous image. On the other hand, did the fact of it being a Monday effect the result? Possibly.

Considering the view, service, and price, this burger is a bargain. Not award winning, but worth the try because it may have been a bad day. Let it be known that sometimes full-service restaurants do provide the American traditional at a reasonable price.

Points: 4.0
Rating: Average

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