Sunday, April 16, 2006

Back Porch Saloon

Review 15 @ Stop 16
Back Porch Saloon
9626 Princeton Glendale Rd @ Mulhausser

Opened in 1972 and with the same owner since 1983, the Back Porch Saloon has an interesting motto: It’s more fun to eat in a saloon than drink in a restaurant. This friendly, neighborhood atmosphere (that’s in a business district), offers indoor and outdoor seating, a friendly atmosphere, and many servers. Hey, hey – very good service!

Don’t be fooled by the motto as the Back Porch menu is quite ample and this isn’t a smoky tavern.

The Angus Burger ($6.95) is topped with shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayonnaise plus served with a side order of chips and sliced pickles. Freddie likes shredded lettuce touch as opposed to a chunk of iceberg lettuce. Of course, Bucky loves a place serving raw onions because he also gets Freddie’s.

The bun is one of the more interesting sampled on this mission – a light tasting, toasted Klosterman’s bun. The bun’s skin had two sliced slits and appeared squished and creased by a Foreman grill. This is not a negative – just unique – but a hit with both Bucky and Freddie!

The medium thickness patty makes it difficult to differentiate cook-to-order levels, plus it was a tad dry. On the plus side, the combined taste of the bun, toppings, and patty paved the way for a decent tasting sandwich.

For sure, the Back Porch is an interesting and enjoyable. It also has a relatively new sibling in Deerfield Township, The Porch of All Sorts. As for the burgers, individual preference could tell the tale. For those who find large, thick burgers to be overwhelming, this place is worth a try. The opposite side of the burger spectrum should also go, but the Angus Burger may or may not meet your needs.

Score: 6.5
Rating: A Step Up

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