Sunday, February 26, 2006

Brew House

Review 13 @ Stop 23
Brew House
1047 E. McMillian Street (Walnut Hills)

After receiving a raving review from a Brew House regular, the Cincinnati Burger Guys felt compelled for a drive to Walnut Hills for a visit to this established, family-run place. Twice voted as City Beat’s best neighborhood dive, this gathering place with booths and chrome tables in serve room for serving their regulars. Within the partisan UC memorabilia is a large sign welcoming XU fans. What a classy gesture from the long-time owners!

The Brew House has character. Where else can you get free-juke box Wednesday and Saturday afternoon live music? In fact, the Brew House is current meeting place for the Cincinnati Blues Society. The atmosphere reminded Wolfy of the mom-and-pop places in Milwaukee during his youth – but without the Wisconsin brats and Leinenkugel longnecks.

The hamburger ($4.50) is accompanied by sliced pickles and chips on the side. A very lightly toasted standard bun hold the freshly made patty adorned with much shredded lettuce, onion, tomato, and mayonnaise. The guys agreed the toppings more closely resembled a garden rather than subtle trimmings.

Hands forming fresh meat into estimated ¼ to 1/3 pound patties is obvious. The char-grilled final result delivered only minor differences between medium-rare, medium, and medium well. Wolfy proclaimed the use of high quality meat, but one openly wonders if the meat is too lean. Bucky notes the missing juices and the difficulty the patty had staying together. Freddie stays true to form by noting no seasonings added.

The Brew House is a unique place and it’s longevity to the area is noted. Outside of the freshness and quality of meat, the burger didn’t overwhelm the team.

Score: 3.5
Rating: Average

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