Saturday, December 10, 2005

Friendly Stop

Review 8 @ Stop #10
Friendly Stop Cafe
985 Congress Ave

Located in Glendale, this quaint tavern is a popular lunch spot. There are two signs to notice in the window when approaching the Friendly Stop. The largest promotes its signature Garlic Burger and the other notifies visitors of the smokeaters. To provide an air of nostalgia, the owners decorated the smoky interior with collectables and the many old license plates arranged high along the wall. Definitely a lot of stuff to see and talk about.

The Cincinnati Burger Guys and our lovely guests avoided the much-heralded Garlic Burger. Other than the company and the lively pictures in the restroom, the rest was downhill. The average-sized burger on a regular bun was dry and without flavor beyond the meat. It was thick, but only average diameter. Although disappointed, not very memorable, worse burgers are out there. Neither Bucky nor Freddie is anxious about returning to the Friendly Stop.

FYI: Interestingly, a reader commented to us about the Friendly Stop and mentioned similar thoughts, but was very turned off about the smoke. On the other hand, the Friendly Stop is probably a haven for smokers working in the Tri-County area.

Points: 3.5
Rating: Low Average

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At 3:21 PM, Blogger Mags said...


1st - the Friendly Stop is now SMOKE-FREE now to the Cincinnati law.

2nd - the Friendly Stop has great burgers!!

AND - if you go on Mondays when the Grand Finale (across the street) is normally closed, you can get the G.F.'s cheesecake...! Well-worth it!

Give it another try!
:) Mags


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