Friday, September 30, 2005

Summary: Reader's List Location

The following is an alphabetical list of places our readers have recommended. See a different posting for the same list sorted by geographic location.
* Visited by the Cincinnati Burger Guys
+ Review posted by the Cincinati Burger Guys
Red = New addition

* + Arthur’s Café (Hyde Park) Review
Bearcat Lounge (UC campus @ Mariott Kingsgate)
* + Brew House (Walnut Hills) Review Web site
* + City View Tavern (Mt. Adams) Review
Cricket Lounge (Downtown) Web site
Dunlap Cafe (Downtown)
* + Habit’s (Oakley)
Hathaway's (Downtown)
* + Hitching Post (near Rookwood) Review
Jean Ro's Bistro (Downtown)
* + Mac's Pizza Pub (Clifton) Web site
Madonna's (Downtown)
Mound Cafe (Norwood)
* + Oakley Pub & Grill (Oakley) Review
Old Timber Inn (Spring Grove Ave.)
Pavillion (Mt. Adams)
Pleasant Ridge Chili (Pleasant Ridge) Web site
* + Pilot Inn (near Rookwood) Review
* + Quatman’s Café (Norwood) Review
Tina's (Downtown)
Universal Grill (Downtown) Web site

Bierhaus House (Miamitown)
Boswell Alley (Northside) Web site
Lake Nina Restaurant and Tavern (Pippen Rd)
* + Nick & Tom’s (Bridgetown) Review Web site
* + Price Hill Chili (Price Hill) Review
* + Red’s Deli (Ross Township) Review

* + Anderson Township Pub (Anderson) Review Web site
Baker's Pub (Fairfax)
By Golly Tavern (Milford)
Clough Crossings (Anderson) Web site
* + DeMeo’s Pasta & Grill (Milford) Review
* + Golf Club at Stonelick Hills (Clermont Co) Review Web site
* + Mingles Sports Bar & Grill (Mt. Respose) Review
* + Mommy Fritz (Perintown) Review
* + Lebo’s (Kellogg Ave, California) Review
Main Street Café (Newtown)
* + Paxton’s Grill (Loveland) Review Web site
* + Rivertown Bar & Grill (Kellogg Ave.) Review
Quarter Bistro (Mariemont) Web site
Salem Gardens (Anderson)
Sandbar’s (Kellogg Ave.)
* + Shooters Sports Grill (Loveland-Branch Hill) Review
Sky Gallery (Lunken Airport)
* + Sleepy Hollow Inn (Branch Hill) Review
Stanley's Pub (Columbia-Tusculum Area)
Terry's Turf Club (Linwood)
* + The Works (Loveland) Review Web site
* + Zip’s Café (Mt. Lookout) Review Web site

Avari Deli and Bistro (Blue Ash)
* + Back Porch Saloon (near Tri-County) Review Web site
Blue Ash Chili (Blue Ash) Web site
* + Blue Goose Sports Café (Sharonville) Web site Review
Chef C’s (Galbraith) Web site
* + Friendly Stop (Glendale) Review
* + Gabby’s Café (Wyoming) Review Web site
* + Gano Tavern (Gano) Review
* + Glendale Pub (Glendale) Review
* + Mason Grill (Mason) Review
McCauly’s Pub (Fields-Ertel)
Montgomery Towne Tavern (Montgomery Rd @ I-275)
Peg's Pub (Evendale)
* + Putter's (Liberty Township) Review Web site
Rod’s Capricorn Inn (near Wilmington)
Seeger's Meats and Deli (Lebanon)
* + Silver Spring House (near Harper’s Point) Review Web site
* Tabby’s (Landen)
The Jug (Middletown)
* + Toot’s (Deerfield Township) Review Web site
* + 2-Putt Tavern & Grill (near Rivers Bend) Review Web site
* Wild Bill’s Café (Lebanon)
* + Win Place or Show (Pisgah) Review Web site
Willie’s (Deerfield Township location)

Northern Kentucky
Anchor Grill (Covington)
Barleycorn's (Cold Spring) Web site
City Side Restaurant (Newport)
* + Coach's Corner (Newport) Review
* + Detroit Joe's (Newport) Review
Family Billiards (Owenton, KY)
Gracie's (Hebron)
Greyhound Tavern (Ft. Mitchell) Web site
Herb & Thelma’s (Covington)
Log Cabin Inn (Covington)
Loyal Cafe (Bellevue)
* + Mansion Hill Tavern (Newport) Review
* + Mike Fink (Covington) Web site Review
* + 915 Pub and Grill (Ft. Thomas) Review
Old Town Cafe (Covington)
Olde Fort Pub (Ft. Thomas)
* + Pepper Pod (Newport) Review
Walt’s Hitching Post (Ft. Wright)
Warner's Restaurant (Ft. Thomas)
ZaZou Grill & Pub (Covington) Web site
* + Zola’s (Covington) Review


At 3:23 PM, Anonymous TJ Jackson said...

Arthur's is probably one of my favorites in Cincinnati, after Quatman's, and I look forward to your review of this fine HP establishment.

I will probably hit the 915 in FT based on your as yet unpublished review, which was referred to in a very positive manner in the Oakley B&G review.

I have recently made it to the Mansion Hill Tavern and can confirm they have an excellent burger. However, their food-serving hours are very weird, so be sure to call before you go.


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