Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rivertown Bar and Grill

Review #2 @ Stop #17
Rivertown Bar and Grill
4601 Kellogg Avenue

Located on a converted tugboat moored in the Ohio River, the Rivertown Bar and Grill provides an excellent setting for a casual lunch. Wolfy (an intern) joined us on a beautiful, low-humidity summer day which had a light breeze blowing over the calm water. How could one not like this setting! Then again, would a beautiful weekend during boating season be so serene?

The average-sized burger ($5.95 served with chips and a pickle) had a char-broiled taste. The crunchy outside is a matter of preference but can lead to being overcooked. Wolfy noted that his medium-rare order was fine, but Freddie was not happy with the dryness. All agreed that the cook does not enhance the meat for extra flavor.

The beautiful day and wonderful setting while drinking a Bud Light and conversing with friends moved Bucky toward burger nirvana. How else can one explain such a difference in their ratings (7, 4)? However, all agreed that the Rivertown Bar and Grill is worth a try – especially on a beautiful, quiet day. Just don't break a glass like Freddie did.

An extra note for bargain hunters: Burgers are 2 for 1 on Tuesdays!

Points: 5.5
CBG Rating: Average

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