Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nick & Tom's

Review 7 @ Stop #20
Nick & Tom’s
5774 Bridgetown Rd

Nick and Tom’s is a popular Bridgetown restaurant located in an old white house with a colorful past as a stage house and an alleged house with a madam. Its loyal customers are accustomed to a broad menu, friendly service, and a pleasant atmosphere. Two friends joined the Cincinnati Burger Guys on this day with hopes of being enlightened about our search for burger nirvana.

Four of us ordered the All-American Burger ($6.25) and one indulged with the Nick & Tom Burger topped with Monterey Jack cheese and jalapenos ($6.75) All were half-pound, char-broiled burgers served on a toasted Kaiser bun, and accompanied by potato chips and a pickle spear. Using a good bun with some attention is always a hit with the CBG and serving the condiments on the side was a surprise bonus.

Upon serving, the team glared at the visual oddity. Bucky wonders about the anomaly of a square peg fitting in a round hole. Freddie conjures images of a pre-made, frozen patty and intern Wolfy analyzes the effect of spreading a half pound of meat over a larger surface area as opposed to containing the meat in a thick, more concentrated shape. All of this before a single bite!

Bucky, Freddie, and Wolfy each ordered a different cooking level and the kitchen successfully delivered. All agreed the meat lacked seasoning, but Wolfy noted the use of high quality beef. Readers should note that char-broiled and char-grilled methods deliver different tastes, so know your preference.

During the research phase of this project, long-time West Siders looked confused when asked to identify a good burger place on that side of town. “Hey, the West Side is about double deckers and chili.” The Cincinnati Burger Guys are neutral in the West Side-East Side debate as each of us moved to Cincinnati as adults. Although tasty burgers may be more of an East Side preference, this team is not willing to give up the search on that side of town – especially at the places recommended by faithful readers.

Bucky (4) was more impressed than Freddie (2). Nonetheless, go and enjoy Nick & Tom’s – but get your quality burger elsewhere.

CBG Points: 3.0
Rating: Low Average

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