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Golf Club at Stonelick Hills

Review 34 @ Stop 43
The Golf Club at Stonelick Hills
3155 Sherilyn Lane (Batavia)513.735.4653

The Golf Club at Stonelick Hills is a pleasant 6-mile drive east along Rt. 50 east of I-275. Due to our initial appearance in the Cincinnati Enquirer, we received information about their Stoneyburger. Well, finally we decided to venture to this unknown spot.

First of all, a short history. Jeff Osterfeld created Stonelick Hills because he wanted to have the best golf course serving the best cheeseburger while serving the coldest beer in the area. For those who don’t know, Mr. Osterfeld is the founder and CEO of the 175+ Penn Station East Coast Subs chain.

None of the burger trio have played the course, but Golf Digest selected Stonelick Hills as one of the Top 10 Best New Public Courses in 2005. This past summer, local golf enthusiasts may know that Stonelick Hills hosted the Duramed Futures Tour, a circuit serving as a development tour for the LPGA.

Upon arrival, the Burger Guys decided to sit outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Great choice! Covered by shade while being refreshed by a gentle breeze, the lakeside table enjoyed a view of the 9th (right) and 18th greens (left). Although entertained by watching the golfers, no one observed a golfer taking a high-risk chance by going for the island green (over water) in 2 on the par-5 9th.

The Stoneyburger ($6.50) is a half-pound of fresh, not too lean ground chuck that is made to order and served on an onion bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mustard, and mayo. Bucky loved the grilled Butternut bun, let alone the fresh onions to boot! Obviously hand made, the presentation was one of the best! For those ordering fries (extra), it was quite the helping.

Upon the initial meat-only taste, each Burger Guy detected a definite addition of seasoning added to the meat – thus a big smile by Freddie. Upon further investigation, a mixture of primarily onion salt and garlic salt is their key. Penn Station followers probably already know the taste.

As it turned out, the extra seasoning turned out to influence each of the burger guys. Bucky wondered if too much was added to the meat. Wolfy agreed, but also questioned if the combination of the seasoning with the onion bun provided too much of a seasoning flavor. Freddie, still proclaiming that at least something was added to the meat, felt overwhelmed by the presence of the lingering taste as the same seasoning seemed to be on the fries.

The Stoneyburger menu description of “Pub Quality” again shows owner Osterfeld’s goal. The Burger Guys applaud his commitment and the direction of his staff. To support that goal, the Cincinnati Burger Guys provide two suggestions for improving the Stoneyburger. (1) Less seasoning as it dominated the taste and (2) be sensitive to the cook to order. Medium-rare types (as Wolfy) need more red.

The day at the Golf Club at Stonelick Hills was a good one: wonderful weather, a beautiful setting, and three good friends enjoying themselves and a burger. Kudos to restaurant manager Gary and server Lori. Unfortunately, the guys forgot to test the cold beer! With all that in mind, try it.

PS: The restaurant is open April through October.

Points: 6.0
Rating: Average (High)

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