Monday, April 02, 2007

On-the-Road Burgers

Hickies (New Boston, OH) 740-456-9953

A Reader wrote:
Since Portsmouth is my hometown, I speak from experience in saying that Hickies are absolutely the best tasting burger on the planet. If anyone is ever that way, stop and tell them you heard about their burgers and had to try one. Below is what Chuck Charles wrote on his blog about the 10 best places to get a burger in the country.

"Ahh, for the number one spot for best burger in the country is a very small burger, in a very small town, available exclusively at a very small restaurant. Hickies is located in New Boston, Ohio. (Portsmouth surrounds this town.) Near the banks of the Ohio River, this small diner has become a staple of good food for this remote area. Hickies maintains a closely guarded recipe for their burgers, which are one size; small. I suggest ordering at least 5 of these mini delights and maybe 5 to go for the drive home. Each burger patty is hand pressed and grilled up home-style. The made-to-order burgers are then placed on a steamed dinner roll. Not that this regional delicacy requires any additional flavors, but it is served with onion, pickle and mustard. The burgers are simple and aromatic in their flavor. Hickies is always packed with customers and is overwhelmed with phone orders. If you ever wind up traveling to this small and quaint river town in southern Ohio, Hickies is a definite dining stop for a great burger, actually the Best Burger in the Country."

One person responded stating, "I grew up on Hickies hamburgers and had to let you know that you are dead on about them being number one!! We have since moved away but when we are home to visit, it’s on the top of the list of required stops. Thanks for taking the time to visit and enjoy a place of great nostalgia to me."

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