Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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Burgers in Mount Lookout, like real estate, are overpriced. Get to the West Side and grab a tasty bargain.

At Price Hill Chili, try the Big Sam (named after the owner and founder). It is a fully loaded burger, which is what I like. I understand that one in your taste group focuses on the meat. I consider the whole package: burger, bun, condiments, and toppings.

Try the Brew House (at the corner of Park Avenue and McMillan in Walnut Hills) great group of regulars, twice voted Best Neighborhood Dive by City Beat. My wife is a burger connoisseur and the Brew House is one of the very few places where she will have them outside her own kitchen. Try asking for it medium rare; it will actually be pink inside! Ask for it rare, and it will be perfectly seared on the outside, hot throughout, and dripping red juice when you cut into it. Jack gets his beef from his pal Louie at Louie's Meats up the street; Louie takes good care of him. It's all fresh, never frozen, and the patties are formed by hand in the kitchen by Jack and cooks Roy and Dan. Wonderful, wonderful!

Not to introduce a down note, aren't you worried at all about mad cow? Also, Wolfy’s desire for the rare: again, no worries about salmonella or hepatitis?

My favorite burger is Herb and Thelma’s in Covington. It’s a no frills, dead serious burger house. The only adult beverage offered is long neck domestic beer and they accept only cash. It’s a one man show (Chip, second generation owner and chef/bartender). He uses fresh ground beef daily. Take note how he cooks the burgers within sight of his customers. It’s a one of a kind restaurant that offers the freshest tasting burger in the area.

It wasn't so bad crossing HWY 75 was it? Now try the Bierhaus House in MIamitown as their burgers are fantastic. Juicy, hand-made - Perfect! Go in warm weather because the deck in back makes this place amazing. If you're lucky the singing cowboy and his horse will be in the "backyard" next to the river.

I am a burger lover and they have to be really, truly medium rare. Try these two totally different delights. Try the burger at Clough Crossings in Anderson Township. Then try the Bill burger, at Walt's Hitching Post in Ft Wright, KY (named after the owner Bill Melton).

I used to live in Newport and I made it a point to go to the Pepper Pod every weekend for the Super Big Eddie, a big, greasy burger, Yum!

I saw someone recommended Blue Ash Chili. Don't bother as the hamburgers are small and should be avoided (think of a McDonald's regular hamburger). They do have great double-decker sandwiches and BLTs though!

(New) I saw the comment that one of your readers wrote about Blue Ash Chili having small burgers. Obviously, they have not tried the Colossal Burger, which is huge! You have to try it, they are great!

If you want a good burger, visit the Pepper Pod in Newport KY and order the Super Big Eddie with the works - its one of my favorite places to get a big greasy burger (and I consider myself an expert on the subject).

(new) Lake Nina off Pippin Road has a great hamburger at an unbelievable price for today. During lunch hour, you can get a cheeseburger with two sides (salad, hot slaw, coleslaw, green beans, home fries, french fries, etc.) for $3.89! Try it. You might like it! We've been going there for 30 years.

I do have one issue to raise with you. I saw the Main Street Grill on the list of sites that people have recommended you visit. Please don’t go there - - I love it and if you go you will probably give it a good review and then it will be even more crowded than it is now and who needs that. At the very least don’t go anytime soon. Put it at the end of your list. Thanks

Next Review: Oakley Pub & Grill


At 4:41 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

Blue Ash Chili burgers are pretty plain tasting, so I agree don't bother and as for the Colossal, yes it's big, but it really makes me feel ill after trying to eat it.

At 9:32 PM, Blogger Cincifood said...

Apparently Wendy has some serious issues. Maybe a touch of jealousy or an overdose of medication. It is obvious that the colossal burger is incredible. Just try it. All you have to do is sit there and watch numerous patrons order the colossal burger. Nobody leaves disappointed.

At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Hungry said...

Where is the Main Street Grill?


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