Friday, August 31, 2007

On the Road: Thurman's Cafe

Thurman Café
183 Thurman Avenue (Columbus)

Based on the thoughts from the Burger Guys crack research staff, as well as some recommendations from readers, one Cincinnati family decided to include a trip to the Thurman Café on their trip to Columbus. Below are their thoughts, so without further ado, the Cincinnati Burger Guys welcome Mr. T and his family.

Thurman’s is a small bar with only about six booths. Due to its popularity, one may have to wait for a table in the lobby that is as small as the bar. We heard waits can be long, so plan your arrival.

The bar is decorated with all kinds of old things, hanging from the ceiling and walls. It’s truly is cluttered; but provides plenty of stuff to look at while first waiting for the server, then while anxiously waiting for the burger’s arrival. The menu included several different burgers.

Then came the surprise - ginormous burgers! No one in our family thought they would be that big. The Thurman Burger had practically everything on it one could imagine, thus possibly too over the top. The fries and the fried pickles were great.

The burgers were large, moist, and not dried out. Only our young-adult male eating machine ate the whole burger. Some may want to consider splitting one burger. Would a male using a fork be labeled a “girly man”?

The Thurman Café was worth the wait. Feeling stuffed, three of us took our leftovers back to Cincinnati. Then again, we had enough room for the treat nearby - Schmidt’s cream puffs. Yes, even one for the eating machine.

We also received the following message from another reader.

We split a burger for lunch today that was very tasty. It was at a place called Thurman's Cafe in the German Village in Columbus. The reason we split it is because they are 3/4 pound burgers! We also shared a side order of onion rings and the fries that came with the burger. All the food was excellent, especially the burger. I saw some people eat the whole thing. Amazing!!

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