Monday, July 17, 2006

Mingles is Gone

Many of our readers have noted that Mingles, our top rated burger, was sold and became the Miami Township Tavern. We received e-mails saying everything besides the name was the same and the burgers were great and others saying the burgers weren’t as good. So, one of the Burger Guys took a solo trip to see for himself and he noted a change.

Since then, the Miami Township Tavern is no more and will reopen as George’s Bar and Grill on or about July 30th. So, the Burger Guys are responding in the following manner: 1) Removing Mingles from the Burger Honor Roll, 2) Keeping the Mingles review posted since they earned it, 3) Editing the Mingles review to say they are now doing business as George’s Bar and Grill and this review is not an automatic endorsement of the new establishment.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Burger Seasonings

Due to Freddie continually insisting seasoning is one key defining a good burger, he has been accused on desiring meatloaf on a bun instead of a burger and preferring burgers loaded with salt and pepper. Needless to say, those critics don't get it, therefore we point our readers to this article in CinWeekly.

We apology for a lack of reviews of late. Our lives have recently been a bit too crazy.