Thursday, October 26, 2006

Detroit Joe's

Review 20 @ Stop #31
Detroit Joe’s
115 E. Ninth Street (Newport)

Detroit Joe’s, a long-standing establishment just off Monmouth Street, is one of those quaint places the locals love. Located in a restored 1890s building, the bar area (seen upon entry) has light oak wood and the front window provides ample lighting while the dining room is just the opposite: no windows, dark paneling, but with white tablecloths.

The trio ordered the hamburger deluxe without the cheese, which is served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayonnaise and chips on the side ($7.95). No special orders taken regarding cooking level.

We’ll give Detroit Joe’s credit: this was, by far, the thickest burger we’ve encountered on the quest of burger nirvana. Then again, a very thick burger with an average-sized diameter served on a standard bun appears more of a deformity.

We’ll give Detroit Joe’s credit again as they added more seasoning than any other eatery. Then again, did that have anything to do with the lunch special that day – meatloaf! So what did the guys think?

Freddie appreciated the additional flavor, but garlic, pepper, and a touch of rosemary dominated the pungent flavor. Bucky stated if he wanted meatloaf, he would have ordered meatloaf. Wolfy said that it was too dry, hard to swallow, and contained too much gristle. Besides being in full agreement on the individual assessments, small diameter thick burgers are difficult to eat.

All in all, Detroit Joe’s was one unique experience. Unfortunately, the burger didn’t impress any of us.

Points: 2.5
Rating: Mundane
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PS: We find it interesting to note one local food pundit’s comments about us: “The CVG Burger Guys unfortunately don't tend to rate a burger well unless the patty is loaded with seasonings, so that in some cases the burger they rate highly really isn't a burger anymore.”

Friday, October 13, 2006

Silver Spring House

Review 19 @ Stop #18
Silver Spring House
8322 East Kemper (west of Harper’s Point)

Known for its chicken and comfortable atmosphere, a friend highly recommended the burgers so enter the Cincinnati Burger Guys to make a judgment.

One thing for sure, numerous options for eating are available: the main dining room, the outdoor brick patio with umbrella-shaded tables, the dark lounge area, or the covered open-air area with a beer garden atmosphere.

The Silver Spring House’s menu is large, including several burgers. Given the wide range, the menu of sandwiches and entrees reminded us of our burger trip to the Back Porch.

The Burger ($5.95) is a one-third pound medium-sized patty served on a toasted Kaiser bun with shredded lettuce and sliced pickles on the side, with Saratoga chips.

Given the ambiance and reputation, the excitement quickly turned sour. Not only would they not serve Wolfy his requested medium rare, only minimal differences existed between the medium and the medium well. Freddie was very unhappy with his tasteless, dry patty surrounded by a dry bun. Bucky simply stated that there wasn’t anything exciting about this burger.

Let’s face it. The Silver Spring House is a popular gathering place with a broad menu and a wonderful atmosphere. Advice – stick to the chicken and get your quality burger elsewhere.

Points: 4.5
Rating: Average

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