Friday, January 20, 2006

Gano Tavern

Review #11 @ Stop 11
Gano Tavern
10024 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd (West Chester)

A friend recommended the Gano Tavern. Since Freddie has always been charmed by the exterior while driving by, he was especially anxious. On the other hand, Bucky (who used to live nearby) couldn’t recall the place. Go figure.

Internet research indicates the Gano Tavern has a long history. The property (just north of I-275) was a coach house on the main road connecting Cincinnati and Dayton. Unknown to our burger travelers at the time, it seems there’s an underground tunnel entering the tavern.

Make no mistake about it – the Gano Tavern is a bar taking care of its regular clientele. Located a short drive north of Crescentville Road, this long-standing location is a smoky, dark room with traditional bar food. For whatever reason, no brew for the burger crew on this day.

Served with potato chips, one of the first things Bucky and Freddie noticed was a coolness on the buns. These regular-sized buns were obviously stored against a bare wall and influenced by the cold weather outside.

This was one of the juiciest burgers and that is good for many points! Compared to other burgers, the size was average in both diameter and thickness. Other than that, nothing overly memorable as the meat had some salt and pepper. These two friends still talk to this day about the difficult hurdle posed by the cool, average buns.

Points: 6.0 Rating: High Average

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Burgers Not Even For Wimpy

Review #10

Burger enthusiasts realize Wimpy will repay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today. Given Wimpy’s burger aficionado nature, would you give Wimpy just any burger? By the way, click the Wimpy link.

Bucky and Freddie believe that not any will do. Not only that, there are places Bucky wouldn’t even take the Notre Dame leprechaun for a burger. The Cincinnati Burger Guys visited the places below, but each only earned a limited space in this column.

A Bucky reminder: The rating is about the burger, not the place.

2-Putt Tavern and Grill
(Rt. 48 near River’s Bend, Stop #13)

Although a nice place for casual dining, order something else from the sizeable menu because the average-sized burgers were too dry and blah. 2-Putt is the place formerly known as Putter’s.
Points: 2.5 Rating: Mundane

(Kellogg Avenue in California, Stop #12)

A very interesting place to visit as it caters to the locals. The large open room with the Karyoke stage and locals playing cards is interesting; plus a great outdoor deck. Wonder why Bucky didn’t have a Bud Light here? Their burger was good size, but bland. While served on an average bun, Lebo’s also skimped on the trimmings.
Points: 2.0 Rating: Mundane

Mommy Fritz
(Rt. 50 in Perintown, Stop #15)

It is the only place we know serving a burger on one slice of toast, but all down hill after that. Even though they advertise having the best burgers in Cincinnati, Bucky won’t even consider returning just to have a Bud Light in the bar.
Points: 1.0 Rating: Don’t Bother

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