Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Works

Review 28 @ Stop 34
The Works
20 Grear Millitzer Lane (Loveland)

The Works is a place that makes people wonder how they found it because signage isn’t bountiful and it’s tucked away off the main drag. The Works and its parking is located behind Paxton’s Grill.

For those familiar with the Little Miami Bike Trail in Loveland, The Works is within a historic 1905 building that once served as a water filling station for steam locomotives. The building also served as a fire station and a public works facility. Noted by its brick walls, high ceilings, and large garage doors that open on nice days, The Works features a brick oven to fire its burgers, pizzas, and other menu items as chicken and pasta.

The Works Burger ($6.99) is served with shredded lettuce, tomato, 4 small pickles, onion, and mayonnaise plus a side order of fries. As an interesting touch and one the Burger Guys haven’t seen, the menu states that fruit or veggies may be substituted for fries.

The Kaiser buns were perfectly toasted, light tasting, but hardy in stature as the medium-sized handmade patty fit perfectly on the bun. Although the meat was good quality and lacked gristle, the most noteworthy positive was the char-grilled taste that was strong enough to bring a smile to both Freddie and Wolfy. Although they noticed no added seasonings, the both wondered if The Works consistently delivered the char-grilled taste. On the other hand, the guys ordered the burgers as medium and medium rare, both were closer to medium well, thus lacked any pink; although Wolfy did have some juice dripping onto his plate.

So there were Freddie and Wolfy, sitting in a historic, yet comfortable setting, with a burger driven by the char-grilled taste, but unsure about the other qualities. In the end, both smiled and would be willing to return. Those desiring a burger along the bike trail need to stop by. Just so his fans know, Bucky went fishing.

Points: 7.0
Rating: A-Step-Up

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Price Hill Chili

Review 27 @ Stop 34
Price Hill Chili
4920 Glenway (Price Hill)

Certain establishments as Montgomery Inn, Camp Washington Chili, Graeter’s, Izzy’s, and others are local institutions. So the burger trio ventured to the West Side to visit another local institution, Price Hill Chili. Besides, one of our adventurous readers found this place to be a pleasant surprise.

Since 1961, Price Hill Chili has been a longstanding eatery for not only the Men of Elder, but for many Westsiders. Well-known for their stacked double-decker sandwiches, this family-oriented place offers a wide menu for many hours of the day.

True to tradition, the place was busy. Upon entering one notices the narrow room with a counter and barstools and immediately thinks, “Is this it?” Keep moving brings one to discover a maze of rooms complete with a lounge at one end of the building.

Although the menu offered a surprisingly large number of selections, eyes fixed on the hamburger. The $3.40 price is for a burger with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and onions. Bumping up to the platter ($6.90) brings forth two sides from list of choices.

The quarter-to-a-third pound patty was medium thickness, moist, with a unique flavor that served as a discussion point at the table. The others agree with Freddie’s point that no seasoning is added. Wolfy then suggests that the flavor is from the grill. Not so much a char-grilled flavor, but a grill that is used with other dishes. This caused Bucky to smile as he recollects the burgers served with pads of melted butter in his native Wisconsin.

The Kaiser bun was large, toasted, and fluffy causing bun-oriented Bucky to smile once again. On the other hand, the patty’s diameter was slightly smaller than the bun (but noticeable) and the bun was a bit large for the patty’s thickness. But knowing Price Hill Chili’s reputation for double deckers, the bun could be best suited for the menu’s double-decker burger.

Those who have a mantra of "no roads lead to the Westside" should rest assured that it’s easy to get to Price Hill Chili. Given its local institution status, everyone should visit. If you find some thick burgers to be too much, try the Price Hill Chili hamburger. For those desiring a thick burger, get the double.

Both interesting and a rarity, each Burger Guy had a different score: 4, 5, 6. We’ll leave it to the readers to match the scores to the individual.

Points: 5.0
Rating: Average

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Blue Goose

Review 26 @ Stop 31
The Blue Goose
11060 Reading Road (Sharonville)

Located in downtown Sharonville, Blue Goose is a great name for a sports tavern. This popular place has 16 monitors and 2 big screens to ensure good viewing from any seat in the house. Its large menu is dominated by sandwiches, but also includes some dinner items.

A variety of burgers exist on the menu. All are certified Angus beef, but turkey can be substituted for in any burger. Ah yes - The Burger Guys love unique features, thus give the Blue Goose credit.

Their featured burger, the Big Goose ($7.95), is a ½-pounder of certified Angus with sautéed mushrooms, bacon, and cheese served with a huge pile of onion straws. The Classic Burger is available as ½ pound ($6.95) or 1/3 pound ($4.95). Four specialty 1/3-pound burgers are also available. Given the wide variety, Wolfy fell to the Big Goose’s temptation, while Bucky and Freddie went with ½-pound Classics to get the chips and pickles.

After the sandwiches arrived and the team stopped being amazed at Wolfy’s pile of onion straws, attention returned to the task at hand. This visit turned out to be one of many mixed signals.

What appeared to be a pre-made, frozen, formed burger had a hint of seasoning. Freddie expected a thicker burger, but the Blue Goose’s style is medium thickness thus making it wider than the bun. Some fussy types don’t like that. Because of the medium thickness, achieving three different cook-to-order ranges is difficult.

Bucky thought the toasted Kaiser looked like it would be too dry, but all were surprised. Freddie thought the burger may be dry, but it turned out to be juicier than expected. Meanwhile, since Wolfy was still staring and wondering if a burger existed beneath the onion straws, Bucky and Freddie lent a helping hand to reduce the mountain.

The Burger Guys enjoyed their visit and each assigned the same score (a rarity). Although the burgers fell short of their preferences, this place is worth a try. After all, you should go to learn how it got the name.

Points: 6.0
Rating: High Average

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