Friday, October 28, 2005

City View Tavern

Review #3 @ Stop #3
City View Tavern
403 Oregon (Mt. Adams)

After such a beautiful setting at the Rivertown Bar and Grill, it is only fitting that the next review be in Mt. Adams. A lot can be said for the City View Tavern:

  • It is hard to find.
  • Parking can be an adventure in itself.
  • It is a converted house flanked by actual homes.
  • Its menu is basic because it’s a place to drink.

We arrived on a perfect early-summer day: sunny, clear, low humidity, and a slight breeze. Sitting on the small outside deck overlooking the P&G towers with the Ohio River also in view and with adult beverages in hand, - Wow! What a place to be! While on the deck, take a close look nearby to see the old abutments of the Mt. Adams incline.

The Big Ted Deluxe burger ($4.50) is a large, half pounder loaded with condiments served on a regular bun and accompanied with a bag of potato chips. Some may say it is too messy while others are euphoric. Regardless, the sandwich can be difficult to hold.

Overall, the Big Ted Deluxe provides a lot of flavor. Unfortunately, the flavor is from the condiments as the meat itself was plain and a tad dry. Give Bucky a burger, a Bud Light, and a great view – he is in goo-goo-gah-gah land. Fortunately Freddie is there to say, “It’s the taste, not the place.”

Bucky says one of the important features of a good burger is how all the tastes blend together into the sandwich as a whole. Freddie counters by questioning if a good sandwich can exist without the flavorful meat that is the foundation of a good sandwich. Agreeing to disagree, it was time to have another beer on the deck, enjoy the view on that beautiful day, and talk about something less controversial. “Freddie, what do you think about privatizing schools?”

Points: 6.5
CBG Rating: A Step Up

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rivertown Bar and Grill

Review #2 @ Stop #17
Rivertown Bar and Grill
4601 Kellogg Avenue

Located on a converted tugboat moored in the Ohio River, the Rivertown Bar and Grill provides an excellent setting for a casual lunch. Wolfy (an intern) joined us on a beautiful, low-humidity summer day which had a light breeze blowing over the calm water. How could one not like this setting! Then again, would a beautiful weekend during boating season be so serene?

The average-sized burger ($5.95 served with chips and a pickle) had a char-broiled taste. The crunchy outside is a matter of preference but can lead to being overcooked. Wolfy noted that his medium-rare order was fine, but Freddie was not happy with the dryness. All agreed that the cook does not enhance the meat for extra flavor.

The beautiful day and wonderful setting while drinking a Bud Light and conversing with friends moved Bucky toward burger nirvana. How else can one explain such a difference in their ratings (7, 4)? However, all agreed that the Rivertown Bar and Grill is worth a try – especially on a beautiful, quiet day. Just don't break a glass like Freddie did.

An extra note for bargain hunters: Burgers are 2 for 1 on Tuesdays!

Points: 5.5
CBG Rating: Average

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hitching Post

Review #1 @ Stop #14
Hitching Post
2715 Madison Rd (at Edwards)
(Near Rookwood)

The Hitching Post is a perfect example of a family restaurant: it’s family owned, family run, family pictures on the wall, and its menu is friendly to family-oriented customers desiring a reasonably priced meal resembling a touch of home. Although renown for its fried chicken, our research discovered that their burgers could be a hidden gem, so Bucky and Freddie had to see for themselves.

The half-pound Texas burger was presented on a reasonably-sized bun accompanied with a potato pancake. Now that’s a good touch! Served with the traditional garnishes of onions, lettuce, and tomato, the burgers were moist and cooked to perfection. Although the meat’s flavor could be been enhanced (as is true with most places), a touch of flavor besides the meat was present (which is not true all too often). The sandwich was easy to eat and hats off to our research team for this find.

Freddie appreciated this burger more than Bucky by highlighting the taste, but Bucky wishes more attention would have been given to the bun.

Points: 6.0
CBG Rating: High Average

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